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The Play Oedipus

Part of the power of this play comes from the many ironies. When the town needs
saving, the people of the town turn to the one who saved them before–Oedipus–because the towns people think Oedipus has tapped into the knowledge of the gods. Goodness, are they wrong or what!

Answer the following questions:

1. What is the specific setting for the play Oedipus?
2. Who told Jocasta and Laius that their son would kill his father and marry his
mother? ­­­­­­_______________
3. Oedipus was reared in what city? __________________
By whom was Oedipus reared?
4.___________ 5__________
6. Name the place where Oedipus killed his father.
The sphinx has the body of a (an) 7____________, the head of a 8___________, and
the wings of a 9._______________
10. What was the riddle of the sphinx? __________________
Oedipus and Jocasta have 4 children. Name 2.
11___________ 12_______
13. Which god is responsible for the plague in Thebes? ___________________
Name the two persons Oedipus accused the plotting against him.
14_____________ 15_____________
16. Who tells Oedipus that his adopted father is dead? ___________________
17. Define the term, hubris. _____________________
18. Name the mountain on which Oedipus resolves to spend his Life.
19. __________is a group of Theban elders who are not privy to everything.

Name 3 functions of the Chorus. 20.______21___________. 22.________________.
State two themes for the play, Oedipus the King, and write a brief explanation for
each one.
23. Theme ____________________
24. Theme ____________________

25. Choose one character trait of Oedipus, the King, and write a brief
description. Your description should be well-developed.

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