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Revision Policy

Revision policy

Our professionals sincerely try to offer you top-notch research and writing services. However, you may request a rewrite if our writer misses important details. You will be required to pay a price for additional work if you ask for information to be included in the document that was not requested in the initial instructions.

Within seven days of the order’s submission, editing and revision are free of charge. After seven days, there will be an additional cost if you want a revision or adjustments.

Legal Liability Policy

Customers may not hold the Company liable for any legal action taken against them or for any other unfavorable outcomes resulting from their use or abuse of International Writers’ goods and services.

Should something happen that results in verdicts, penalties, fees, or other unfavorable actions, Internationalwriters.us shall be held innocent.

The customer also consents to defend us in case of legal charges against us. Should the customer breach any provisions of internationalwriters.us terms and conditions, total indemnifications apply.

We are committed to providing writing services for academic essays and papers of the greatest caliber. Nevertheless, the value of our services is the extent of our obligation.

If such unforeseen circumstances arise, we will not be held liable for any indirect, punitive, exemplary, incidental, special, or consequential damages incurred during or after the writing contract time, including loss of status, loss of university degree, or college costs.

This is true regardless of whether the blame is actual or imagined and whether one party has been informed of possible losses.