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Reflection Paper on “Fake News”

Topic: Discuss the affordances of the internet medium that allows for “fake news” to alter audience perception of the truth and their information-seeking behaviors.

Use at least two of the articles as a source to respond to the topic above.

Article 1

Russian deception influenced election due to Trump’s support, senators hear Former FBI special agent discusses Russia’s longstanding ‘active measures’ including the spread of fake news before Senate intelligence committee. By: Spencer Ackerman in New York Thu 30 Mar 2017 19.43 BST

Article 2

Spotting Misinformation On Social Media Is Increasingly Challenging. By: Peter Suciu Contributor Follow Aug 2, 2021, 03:56pm EDT

Article 3

Information Overload Helps Fake News Spread, and Social Media Knows It Understanding how algorithm manipulators exploit our cognitive vulnerabilities empowers us to fight back. By:Filippo Menczer , Thomas Hills December 1, 2020

Further instructions:

  • Follow APA style formatting
  • Double spaced
  • Essay format
  • Length: three pages plus works cited page
  • Properly cite your in-text sources and provide works cited page

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