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50+ Mental Health Argumentative Essay Topics

Mental Health Topics

Mental health entails emotional, behavioral, and cognitive well-being. It is more of how people feel, behave and think. Mental health includes; social, emotional, and psychological well-being; hence, it affects how humans feel, act, and think.

This task might be challenging to students when assigned an argumentative essay on mental health. Researching and writing on such a delicate social issue are never easy for an inexperienced writer. But our academic writing service handles such topics easily, so whenever you need a mental health argumentative essay, contact us for professional writing help.

For a long time, mental health issue was taboo. For instance, in the 20th century, it wasn’t just okay to visit a psychologist and discuss mental health unless one was experiencing a severe problem. People, more so men, were often taught not to show their feelings and bottle up grief, anger, and anxiety.

The preceding consequences to these were harsh: addictions, suicides, and domestic violence. Of course, even presently, these social problems haven’t yet disappeared. However, a person can regularly visit a psychologist and get help to battle their inner demons.

Finally, it’s okay to talk openly about your feelings without fear or shame, and eventually, you will get the much-desired help. We’ve made an impressive list of mental health argumentative essay topics for 2022 that can be insightful to choose from.

12 Mental Disorder Argumentative Essay Topics

Mental disorders have for many years been studied. However, still little is known about them. Compared to wild animals, our bodies are fragile because our minds are broken down by a single life event or an individual. This is so because the human brain is complex such that even scientists have been unable to figure it out completely.

Check out a list of Mental Disorder Topics that can be useful to you.

  1. Should social media addiction be considered a mental disorder?
  2. Should mental disorders be studied within the school program?
  3. Can a mental disorder justify any crime?
  4. Should hiding of mental disorder be considered a crime?
  5. Can depression be a reason for dismissal?
  6. Should people with mental disorders get help from the government?
  7. Are mental disorders romanticized in modern culture?
  8. Is there a connection between creativity and mental disorders?
  9. Are artists more likely to have a mental disorder than people from non-creative domains?
  10. Should the treatment of mental disorders with psychotropic drugs be legal?
  11. Are mental disorders romanticized in modern culture?
  12. Should individuals with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) work with people?

14 Argumentative Essay Topics About Mental Healthcare

Taking care of the body, hair, and skin is equally important as caring for our inner state. Unfortunately, we often ignore the mental health element and treat ourselves like our mind is a piece of titanium.

Get to learn more from the list of mental healthcare topics below.

  1. Does social media help or hurt our mental health?
  2. What is the most efficient technique to support your mental health?
  3. Should children study self-care practices at school?
  4. Does obesity have any impact on mental health?
  5. Is having a hobby good for mental health?
  6. Does yoga help with mental health problems?
  7. Is meditation an effective way to improve mental health?
  8. Is art therapy an efficient treatment for mental disorders?
  9. Can getting a pet improve one’s mental health?
  10. Is there a direct connection between physical and mental health?
  11. Can bad nutrition be a cause of mental disorders?
  12. Is mental health more important than physical health?
  13. Can sports activity help with mental health issues?
  14. Is living in a big city bad for your mental health?

10 children’s mental health argumentative essay topics

We do not take with seriousness the mental health issues faced by children. Their nervousness, mood swings, and anxiety are often explained as hormones and puberty without exploring the real reason behind the alarming symptoms.

It’s worth noting that a child’s feelings and mind are as complex as an adult’s. For this reason, children’s mental health should constantly be monitored along with their physical state.

Check out a list of children’s mental health essay topics, and you can consider one to be your research subject:

  1. Can the root of all mental problems be found in the person’s childhood?
  2. Do video games hurt children’s mental health?
  3. Can divorce have a positive effect on a child’s mental health?
  4. Are adopted children more likely to have mental health problems than children their birth parents raise?
  5. Can bullying be a reason for mental disorders in children and young people?
  6. Should children’s mental health issues be treated the same way as those of adults?
  7. Is the school educational system terrible or suitable for children’s mental health?
  8. Can kindergartners suffer from mental disorders?
  9. Can peer pressure become a reason for mental disorders in children?
  10. Should women with severe mental disorders be allowed to give birth?

16 argumentative essay topics on psychology

If you find the mental health topics too delicate or complex, review more general psychology topics we’ve created just for you.

  1. Do children raised by parents who work as psychologists have fewer psychological problems?
  2. Is a healthy relationship possible between two psychologically unstable people?
  3. Should psychology be studied in the lower grades?
  4. Can people solve their psychological issues without help, or should we always ask professionals for assistance?
  5. Does eating food affect our mood?
  6. Do psychologists have to consult their psychologists?
  7. Does a lack of sleep hurt our mental state?
  8. Can social media be a source of stress and anxiety?
  9. Is working as a psychologist easier than working as a surgeon?
  10. Can loneliness be a cause of psychological issues?
  11. Can people with different psychological temperaments be friends?
  12. Are teenagers more likely to have depression than adults?
  13. Can addiction to a person be confused with love?
  14. Do our dreams represent our mental state?
  15. Does a routine job have a bad effect on our brain?
  16. What is the best parenting style?

That’s all we got for now!

We hope that at least one of our mental health argumentative essay topics has caught your eye, and you’ll do thorough research. In case our topics are good enough to interest you but not good enough to make you write an essay on your own – you’re always welcome to place an order for an essay sample at International Writers Company. Any of our professional writers will be glad to assist you!

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