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Operations Management Applications

#In this OPTIONAL Operations Management Applications discussion board, for up to 2 extra points added to your discussion/ assignment portion of your grade, you can provide an example of how a specific firm manages the waiting experience by reducing the perceived waiting time based on one of the 8 propositions BESIDES occupied time feels shorter than unoccupied time.

  •  This should be based on your own experience and not an internet-based research assignment.
  • Your example must be significantly different than another student’s, as well as different than the examples already provided in the article.
  • For example, if one student were to say a doctor’s office uses magazines in the waiting room, you should not describe how another service firm uses televisions or books to occupy time and make the wait seem shorter (note – this would not be a valid answer, since this answer illustrates occupied vs. unoccupied time).

In your post you should include the following:

  1. Firm name
  2. Explanation of what the firm does to manage either the perceived waiting time.  (Note: perceived waiting time is not the same as reducing the actual waiting time.)  Be sure to explain how the practice minimizes perceived waits.
  3. Explain which of the 8 propositions (not including occupied waits feel shorter) is being utilized to manage the perceived waiting time.
  4. Provide (attach) a photo to illustrate what is done to manage the perceived waiting time. This photo should illustrate the example you describe and not just a random photo of the company.



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