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Conflict Management And Negotiation

#After you carefully read,  Name Your Price: Compensation Negotiation at Whole Health Management and Negotiation Skills, you will prepare three separate documents as your Final Project submission. For the purposes of this assignment, you are Monroe Davies (or Monica, if you prefer). As such, everything in this reading applies to you.

Note that the purpose of this assignment is for you to become familiar with the primary aspects of a compensation package and the negotiation process. To accomplish this assignment, you will accept this position and complete the three documents detailed here (submitting them as a single Word document APA 12 FONT Double Space

  1. Job Offer Table: Prepare a simple table from the information available on Exhibit 1 (page 5), which is the job offer template sent to you by Jim Hummer. Jim has written in XXXXs in the spaces next to five line items: compensation, bonusrelocation allowancestock options, and continuing education stipend.

Based on the data available in this reading and any research you conduct, complete the compensation package to be submitted to Jim Hummer. In other words, determine the amount that you are proposing for each of the five line items.   (Based on attachment)

  1. Letter of Acceptance: Write a letter of acceptance to Jim Hummer to accompany the job offer table. There should be no reference to the five compensation factors – that would be tacky.
  2. Executive Memo with Citations: Write one (minimum) executive memo to me (Dr. Hughes). With all the usual formatting criteria, provide your rationale and evidence for your actions, particularly in completing the job offer table. Include at least two references and two properly formatted citations for this portion of the assignment. You are required to include the Name Your Price and Negotiation Skills readings in your references and citations

Present these documents (3) as a single submission (one Word document) to the Moodle drop box for this assignment. The package should consist of the cover page, job offer table, letter of acceptance, executive memo, and reference page.


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