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PS6: Financial Health of Southwest Airlines. 

#Team Project: Financial Health of an Organization

  • Select a public company by the end of the first two weeks of the course.
  • Within teams, consider the project scope (below) and begin to discuss, plan, and develop over the next several weeks.
  • Deliverables for this team project will include both a team written report and a team presentation to the class on what they have discovered with the report.

For this project, gather with your team and analyze the financial health of an organization you have collectively selected. You and your team will develop and include recommendations for the improvement of the financial health of the company. To accomplish this:

  1. Explore your chosen organization’s financial statements for the last five years.
  2. Use ratio analysis and other forms of analyses like trend analysis to identify 2-3 financial opportunities or challenges.
  3. Investigate news and press releases focused on the organization to better understand the underlying factors influencing those issues. 
  4. Explore actionable solutions to tap the opportunity or mitigate the challenge.

This is a team project, the company chosen is Southwest Airlines. 

Utilize these two articles here:



  1. What you need to do is first, research another 1-2 pieces of news (during 2020-2021) about how covid influenced southwest airlines’ financial performance.
  2. Write 1.5 pages about this news and how this news helps better understand the underlying factors influencing those issues.
  3. Also, you need to write a general introduction (about half to one page, strictly no more than 1 page) of Southwest Airlines, focus more on the financial part’s introduction, and this introduction will work as this assignment’s introduction.
  4. please use APA 7th format for all writings,

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