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Expository Essay on Mental Health

Expository Essay on Mental Health

Two Effects of Daily Exercise on Mental Health 

Daily physical activities help promote people’s mental health by preventing the onset of depression and easing anxiety. Although an individual’s psychological state can be improved through other means, sports can help with the most widespread mental issues. 

Apart from general health advantages, physical activities can help prevent the onset of depression and ease anxiety. The involvement in sports activities for depression treatments is widely discussed in peer-reviewed research. For instance, Budde and Wegner (2018) found that “a total of 25 of the 30 studies found a significant, inverse relationship between baseline physical activity and follow-up depression, suggesting that physical activity can prevent the onset of depression” (p.386).

People who lead an active lifestyle are less prone to depression than those who prefer a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, people who exercise feel less anxious in daily life and are less receptive to stress. Research has found that the shift from an active to a sedentary lifestyle has been proven to increase the levels of anxiety and loneliness in people who did not continue their weekly workout routine of approximately 150 minutes (Reynolds, 2020). Thus, people who do not exercise are more likely to experience mental and physical effects of stress leading to severe issues such as depression and anxiety. 

In conclusion, an active lifestyle not only prevents the manifestations of depression but also has a calming effect on people with anxiety and improves social life. A sedentary lifestyle can only lead to developing chronic diseases or furthering mood disorders. Therefore, daily physical activity is a promising alternative to a TV that will not only prevent depression but also ease the nerves, reduce anxiety, and bring more social satisfaction into people’s lives.


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