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ECO201 Macroeconomics

 Unit 1 DB: Terminology


Each student will be assigned key concepts (see instructor announcement for your assigned concept)

My key term is Market Power

Key Concepts

This discussion board is intended to introduce you to the economics terms we will cover in the class. You are to explain the term that you have been assigned as a presentation to the class. Please refer to the website about Writing a Position Paper. 

Open the discussion with a brief introduction to the topic. For example, you might use something like the following. “Like many disciplines, economics uses specific terminology to ensure complete understanding of the concepts employed. In this presentation, I would like to introduce you to the concepts of (the term the student is provided with).”

  • Define the assigned term in your own words. MARKET POWER
  • Provide an original, economics-based explanation of the term.
  • Provide a real/hypothetical contextual example (different from that provided in the text) of the term as it is applied to economics.
  • Do not just list the above in bullet-point style.

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