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Achieving Excellence in Global Sourcing.


As organizations search for new and better ways to compete, global business strategies will continue to receive increasing attention. Globalization can move from concept to practice in worldwide sourcing and marketing, an advanced sourcing and supply management approach that integrates and coordinates common materials, processes, designs, technologies, and suppliers across worldwide buying, design, and operating locations. Since most organizations do not have well-developed global sourcing and marketing strategies in place, improvement opportunities in this area are attractive and as yet largely unrealized. This is your end-of-course project.

The former Chief Executive Chairman of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, sparked the imaginations of theme park fans worldwide in March 2018 when he confirmed that the Walt Disney Company would be looking for new sites worldwide to build theme parks (Links to an external site.). Picking the site for a new theme park demands intense research and attention to global and local markets and political trends. A poor choice could cost the company billions of dollars, not to mention the opportunity cost of developing a park in a better location elsewhere.

  1. Research Disney’s international operations. How many Disney Parks are there in the world? Which ones are more successful? Which ones are not as successful? Why are some not as successful as others?
  2. Where should the next Disney Park be? Pick a city (it has to be non-U.S.) and explain your reasons. (Cities like Las Vegas and Honolulu are in the U.S. and should NOT be chosen.)
  3. Write a summary of the chosen location’s history, geographic location, and population growth trend. Analyze important characteristics of local culture and customs.
  4. How should Disney design and operate its new Park in your chosen location? 

Submit your final project as a Word/PDF document, 250 words minimum (excluding original questions/citations/references). Your writing should be clear, concise, and originalPlease use proper citations when using other people’s work, as plagiarism is not tolerated at Cerritos College.

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