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Innovation, Global Competitiveness and National Economic

We continually experience changes in how technology impacts our day-to-day lives—driverless cars, drones, 3-D printers, 5G technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain technology are a few examples.

  1. Select an example of very recent technology on the cusp of creating major changes.
  2. Research and identify ways in which that technology can alter how we live.
  3. Start with a question that you are trying to answer. Include this question as the title of your paper.
  4. Your paper should answer that question and should describe and analyze the question according to five components: (1) Innovation, (2) Company, (3) Country/ National Economy, (4) Present-to-Future Comparison of Evolution and Use of the Innovation, and (5) Developed-Developing Comparison of Use of the Innovation in Different Types of Economies.

#In particular, you need to describe your chosen innovation as you understand it. Then, please share your ideas on how it could alter or has already altered lifestyles in a developing country AND in a developed country. Go beyond what you read. Share your own original ideas and your own innovative thinking on the innovation. Do not simply repeat what you have read. BE INNOVATIVE in describing your ideas.

Remember, you are expected to be “opinionated” and demonstrate your own innovative thinking, not simply summarize what is already stated elsewhere. be insightful in your analysis using concepts from our course readings and discussions and your own research. then support your opinions and recommendations with reasons, facts, and the logical application of concepts.


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