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Implementing Strategy

Complete the business periodical assignment and post it to the DROPBOX (the article you select must be from 2018 or newer.) – Select an article from Business Week, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, etc. that you think describes an implementation of a strategy for a company. Answer these questions and be specific. – 25 pts.

  • Identify the strategy (past chapters) that is being used.
  • Identify the structure type (Chapter 10, be specific to structure type) that would be best to implement this strategy and explain your reasoning using chapter and article information.
  • ID the decision-making approach (Chapter 10) that would be most effective in the implementation of the strategy and explain, using chapter and article information.
  • ID whether the company has a strong or weak internal culture (Chapter 12)and explain how this will impact the implementation of the strategy. Use chapter and article information.
  • Be sure to follow all aspects of the Grading Requirements found on the
    D2L Content page and also in the syllabus.

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