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Essay Hook is Just Everything When Creating an Interesting Essay Story.


Essay HookWhen you create a beautiful essay Hook beginning everything else will be likely beautiful to the end. This ought to picture on your mind taking into consideration of your audience whenever you sit down to write an essay as it’s what will make them decide to read your essay line after line, paragraph after paragraph to the end.

That said, an essay hook serves this purpose, hence, you should ensure to take the time to craft it without a rush. If you want to write a most attractive essay hook, read on to know the secrets.

Defining an Essay Hook                 

Every essay writer desires to have their essays attract the highest grades as well as an audience. However, this can be achieved only if the examiner or instructor establishes that the essay in question detailed with relevant information, to the point, and also is interesting.

Notably, your essay can be interesting by ensuring its likable from the first sentence to the beginning. This brings us to the precise definition of essay hook which is: that the opening sentence in an essay should not exceed two sentences.

To note; the hook is neither an introduction nor a thesis statement rather, it is a piece of sentence aimed at grasping your audience’s attention in a way that makes them take an interest in reading your entire essay. It can either be a question, quote, statistical fact, a statement, metaphor, or just anything that helps in hooking your audience to your essay.

Think of it in this line; when a fisherman places bait on a hook so that they can attract the fish, but it is the hook that catches it. Got it!? You have to make it so interesting in a way that intrigues the reader, impresses, and makes them want to read more and more to the end. See two examples of hooks but always ensure they are relevant to your given essay topic.

  • At one point or another, every individual has lied, but because it is contrary to the truth we know, a lie is eventually exposed, and the truth beneath it is revealed.
  • If only 0.3 percent of solar power can be tapped from the Sahara, it can power the entire Europe.

Writing a Captivating Hook for Your Essay

Occasionally you may have an idea for your essay hook the moment you begin to write your essay, but at other times, it takes patience, deeper thoughts, or help from a custom essay writing company. We have compiled some best approaches to writing the most attractive essay hook.

A Long Hook oftentimes Lose the intended Meaning

An essay hook is not a point or a paragraph to argue out rather, it’s something that shows your audience you’ve written the best piece of an essay. The golden rule is that “every essay hook” Must be short as it helps the reader to read it fast and also view your essay as a good read.

Deciding on What you Intent to Achieve Through your Hook              

Simply, the purpose is just everything since it is what directs the kind of hook to create. The purpose involves the emotion you want to drive in your audience; maybe you want them shocked, curious, intrigued, or just surprised. Allow your hook to serve its intended purpose fully.

Ensure to end With A Hook But Do not Start With It

Though the hook has to be the first sentence in your essay, that does not mean you Must write it first. Considering you have a long way in your writing of the entire essay means possibly you can get a better idea upon piercing your ideas together so you can have your hook written later on.

Let your Hook Flow with the Theme

The first hook example we gave is about lies and truth. and the second one is about energy. These hooks are only applicable to essays whose topic is about societies, energy, or another topic like journalism and media. This means you have to craft a hook that flows with your topic or theme. 

Below are more examples of essay hooks.

  1. In the gig industry, perfecting the skill of obtaining work allows individuals to earn to live instead of living to earn.
  2. In these turbulent times, having a vegetable garden gives food security, which is a critical need for modern households.
  3. It’s more important to invest quality time with your children than to spend cash when it comes to making lifelong memories.
  4. Having a dog can improve your wellness, joy, and sense of security.

Types of Essay Hooks

The first step to making your audience love your essay even before they read it is to craft an essay hook that will make them curious. There are several strategies you can use to write the most attractive essay hook. Even if you purchase an essay online, these strategies will still come out clearly.

Design A Strong Statement

Think about a sentence or two that makes an assertive claim about the topic you have chosen. The statement, however, should not look like it is independent because it must seamlessly connect with the thesis statement.

Your interest is not for them to agree with your statement but for them to read on to see the arguments you support. Think of a statement such as this one – ‘an online course is effective and cheaper by far compared to the traditional classroom.’

Think about a Stimulating Question

You can start your essay by asking a question that is related to it. Make sure your audience will not find the answer easily unless they read your essay. In other words, ask your audience a question that is related to the essay and create it in a way that the reader will only find the answer by reading your essay.

You will be making them inquisitive and desirous of finding the answer/s. You may ask a question like – ‘what differentiates between a successful business person and a rich business person? The question looks easy yet complex and the easiest way out is to read your essay and dig out the answer.

Think of a Simile or Metaphor.

Think about a sentence that will directly compare your essay topic and something else, or a simile that adds the words ‘as,’ ‘like’ between your essay topic and another thing. This will help the audience view your topic differently. They will wonder what you mean and want to read on to find out.

Think about a sentence like – ‘the student was not really a thief, but he behaved like one.’ Or ‘to write an essay is like to run a race when the heat is at 400 C.’ Or ‘a marketing content is a magnet that pulls customers to a business.’

Utilize Statistics

Be careful when using statistics because it must be a fact that is credible and agrees with your essay topic. Avoid a statistic that is too general or obvious but let it be something your audience probably hasn’t ever thought of before. Let it take them by surprise and keep them intrigued.

Look again at this statistical hook – ‘If only 0.3 percent of solar power can be tapped from the Sahara, it can power the entire Europe.’ Or ‘in their entire life, people walk around the earth four and half times.’

Begin your With a Story

Tell a story that can interestingly connect with your topic. The story will be the shortest ever told because it will cover only two or three lines. It can be a story about something you experience while traveling, writing, doing business, or anything you can think about. It doesn’t have just to be about you, but think outside of the box and create the most interesting story.

Write a Quote

Think about something that was said by a famous person, professor, entrepreneur, politician, etc. Again, avoid using a too common quote and let it align with your topic. Here is an example of a rare quote – “to say I can be hundreds of times more beneficial than to have the highest IQ” – Unknown

The Difference Between an Essay Hook and a Thesis Statement

You should not confuse between a hook and a thesis statement because they are two entirely different things. They are both short sentences in the first part of an essay, yet their purpose is different.

A hook helps to attract your audience to read your essay. It can be an interesting question, a quotation, story, simile, metaphor, statistics, scene, etc. It is the first sentence in your essay.

A thesis statement, on the other hand, is a short paragraph that gives a summarized overview of your essay’s main question. It should be precise and help the reader understand what the entire essay is about. A thesis statement is found at the end of the opening/introducing paragraph. The introduction paragraph aims to support the thesis statement.

Choosing the Right Hook

As much as there are many types of essay hooks you can use, they are not all applicable to your essay. If you use a hook wrongly, you will miss its relevance and lose your chance to get high grades.

Before you decide which hook to use, first understand the type of essay you have written. It could be a narrative essay, argumentative, expository, or descriptive essay. Each essay type brings out its arguments in a unique way and serves a different purpose.

If it’s a narrative essay, a story hook might blend well with its topic. You can also open with a question that will make the reader read on to find the answer. For a descriptive essay, a rare quote by someone can make an excellent hook.

You may choose to use statistics for your expository essay because this kind of essay relies on investigative research to get evidence and come to a conclusion. For an argumentative essay, various types of hooks may align well with your topic, depending on what you want to argue about. You can use a hook where you relate to a scene, ask a question, give a quote, etc.


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