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Health Policy Issue

# Select ONE health policy issue from the list below:

  • Medical Marijuana
  • Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
  • Vaccines for Children
  • The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • Right to Health Care

Research arguments for and against the health policy and address the following:

  1. Research the policy issue and present background information on the issue
  2. Address the political, financial, and economic issues related to health policy.
  3. Discuss the specifics of who will be eligible and who will be responsible for providing services.
  4. Discuss the impact of your proposal on recipients and providers of care; include eligibility requirements for receiving benefits, the application process, expected benefits, and requirements for a provider to be eligible.
  5. Identify the specific government health programs and organizations that are involved and analyze their role in the policy.
  6. Examine budgetary issues such as who will be responsible for funding: state, federal, or a combination of both.

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