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Global Strategy and Policies

Primary case questions, in general, are asked to enable you to apply course material to the case at hand. 


1) What type(s) of innovation has Netflix pursued over its history? Defend your answer with specific evidence or arguments.

2) Where is the streaming service in terms of industry life cycle? What competencies does Netfix possess and how well will those competencies serve the company as the industry evolves?

3) For each of the dimensions of corporate strategy, discuss Netflix’s approach to each one, and how it has evolved over time. How should Netflix adapt its corporate strategy going forward?

4) Discuss the benefits and risks of vertical integration as they relate to Netflix and its approach to vertical integration.

All The strategies are provided below in the videos:

The answers are supposed to be based on the reading I provided and the strategies from the videos.

FORMAT: 3 pages max (unless otherwise stated) with one inch margins, Times 12 font, 1.5 line spacing; SUBMIT: through Canvas>Assignments:

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