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Seminar in Multicultural Management

 Foundations of Multicultural Management Taxonomy

As a global change agent, independent scholar, and current or future business professional, you may become responsible for initiating or managing multiculturalism initiatives. This can be a complex task, depending on the nature and structure of the organization. Having the foundational works of theorists may help you reach your goals, however, because within these theories are constructs or tenets that, when applied, can shape your own view and strategic approach to multicultural management for the purpose of mitigating risks, as well as supporting organizational initiatives.

#This week, you will have an opportunity to become familiar with some theorists and their theories related to multicultural management.

  1. To prepare for this Assignment, review this week’s Learning Resources as well as any additional sources of your choosing.
  2.  Research the theorists who developed theories related to multicultural management, and compile key information as part of your review.
  3. Submit an evaluation of at least three foundational theories in the form of a properly formatted, APA-compliant taxonomy table.

For each of the theories you select, you should include the following:

  • The name of the theory
  • The year the theory was introduced
  • The theorist/author
  • Key components of the theory
  • Statement of how the theory will help you apply the rules and tips provided by the literature


For each theory presented, be sure to include a minimum of two references to peer-reviewed, scholarly journals, as well as appropriate in-text citations.


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