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Math 106 Discussion: Collaborative Learning

Think about your current or future career choice and some of the activities or responsibilities of that career. Visit the Embry-Riddle Worldwide General Education Requirements (Links to an external site.)  page inside ERNIE. Read through the “Introduction” and the section “University General Education Competencies.” Take special care to understand the eight Competencies, which are often exactly the so-called soft skills that employers expect from college graduates.

Choose one competency (Collaborative Learning) and relate it to your career choice. Consider why competency is essential in your career and how it will benefit you in your daily role. Your response should be 250-words minimum. Include a specific example of using the competency in your daily activities.

Collaborative Learning

Students will be able to work effectively with others on diverse teams to produce quality written documents, oral presentations, and/or meaningful projects. Students will assist in organizing others to accomplish a shared task, contribute actively to a group, and work to resolve any conflicts that occur.

  • Current career: US Army
  • Career choice : Maintenance Manager airplane

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