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CASE STUDY: Chipotle Mexican Grill – Food with Integrity


In 350 -700 words write a response that addresses the following questions

  • What factors contributed to the loss of confidence in the Chipotle Brand?
  • Do the actions taken to date present a strategy that would improve consumer trust? Why or why not?
  • Consider Chipotle’s competitors. How does Chipotle’s internal environment compare to the internal environment of one of its competitors? Based on this analysis, what is the probability that the strategic moves implemented by Chipotle would lead to a sustainable competitive advantage? Explain.
  • What additional recommendations would you make for Chipotle to gain consumer trust and reclaim a leadership role in the fast-food industry? Provide justification for your response.
  • Based on the information provided in this case, what kind of business strategy would you suggest to help Chipotle to gain a competitive advantage?

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