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MGT440: Apple Case Study

Apple Case Study

Have these CSR problems at Apple had a meaningful impact on the bottom line?

What is the role of media, including social media, in shaping CSR expectations?


Strategy is an organization’s action plan to achieve its mission, whether that is flying airplanes or building them. Firms have several different ways to achieve their mission, and these strategic concepts can provide an advantage over your competitors.

Based on your readings and resource review, you should be able to define the three strategic approaches to competitive advantages. With these approaches in mind, identify a company and determine which approaches they use.

Write a 500-word (two-page) paper using current APA formatting. Include the following:

  • Explain, briefly, the three strategic approaches to competitive advantages.
  • Provide an overview of your selected company.
  • Discuss which strategic approach Apple Case Study uses and why they use that approach.
  • Include a title and reference page and at least three references.

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