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ECO201 Macroeconomics: International Trade 

#Unit 7 DB: International Trade  Choose two transactions that show international transactions with the import, export, net import, and net export impact on the United States economy. Describe how those transactions (the ones the students decide upon) would affect US exports, imports, and net exports. With your peers discuss the importance of Please use a presentation format complete with an […]

FIN401 Insurance & Risk Management: September 11

#Unit 7 DB: Protecting the Business On the morning of September 11, 2001, two airplanes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, collided in the north and south towers (the main “Twin Towers”) of the World Trade Center complex in New York City. Shortly thereafter, as a result of fires caused by burning jet fuel and falling debris, […]

Ethics In the Accounting

#Read SEC litigation Release 24492 dated June 5, 2019, on Longfin Corp. What was the fraud accusation? Which element of the Fraud triangle was involved? Support your answer by using some of the languages of the litigation release

Liability and Owners’ Equity

#liability and owner’s equity Complete an assessment with two main sections, which address (1) liability and owner’s equity and (2) warranty expense and issuance of securities. Introduction Note: An accounting cycle requires specific steps that need to be executed in a sequence. The assessments in this course are presented in a sequence and must be completed in order. Competencies Measured […]

Public Health

Why has individual behavior change approaches to public health dominated over the past 50 years and what have been the consequences of this domination for those who work from a communitarian basis such as First Nations Peoples? How has complex adaptive thinking influenced public health intervention planning? Can complex social/public health project initiatives be effectively modeled with a single logic […]

Project Management

#PMP – Activity 16 Choose two Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC) models that you have experience using or that interest you and provide two similarities and two differences.  In addition, give an example of a project that could be managed using each life cycle and why.   APA format., 500 words

Revitalizing A Brand: Plaza Home Health Services.

#Case Study – Revitalizing A Brand Read the case study titled Revitalizing a Brand [PDF]. Develop a PowerPoint Presentation with a minimum of 14 slides. The 14-slide minimum includes the title slides and sources slides. Please note that PowerPoint slides must include detailed speaker notes. For more information on creating effective PowerPoint slides, please review this video: Five Essentials for Designing Effective […]

First Three Key Life Areas From My Portfolio of Visions

#Discussion 2: Summarizing Your First Three Key Life Areas From Your Portfolio of Visions Assignment: Respond to two (2) of your colleagues’ postings that contain a perspective other than yours. Share an insight about what you learned from having read your colleagues’ postings and discuss how and why your colleague’s posting resonated with you professionally and personally. (Note: This may be a […]

MGT440: Apple Case Study

Apple Case Study Have these CSR problems at Apple had a meaningful impact on the bottom line? What is the role of media, including social media, in shaping CSR expectations? INSTRUCTIONS- READ CAREFULLY Strategy is an organization’s action plan to achieve its mission, whether that is flying airplanes or building them. Firms have several different ways to achieve their mission, […]

Strategic Management: Case Study “Dell Inc

#Case Study “Dell Inc” Based on the Case Study “Dell Inc.: Changing the Business Model” Case 9, starting on pages 9-15, complete the following requirements: Define synopsis and include a definition for which you will include a source and “properly” cite. Write complete synopsis of the case. Identify Dell’s resources, capabilities, and core competencies Write one finding of fact, with a fully justified […]