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Our Terms and Conditions

Who we are?

We are a platform for research where customers may purchase prepared essays, research papers, theses, and dissertations, among other writing services sometimes referred to as Products. After receiving full payment, we ensure the requested Products are finished and delivered to our Customers.


 The Customer acknowledges acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as set out on this page by using this Website, placing an order, or through any other action, such as ticking the terms and conditions box. We provide no assurances if the Customer violates them.

Important notions:

‘Agreement’ refers to these Terms and Conditions.

‘Company,’ ‘Service,’ and ‘We’ all mean the entity providing independent research and writing services to Customers as defined and described under this Agreement.

‘Writer’ is the individual who agrees to work for the Company as a freelancer and works under the Company’s terms.

‘Customer’ is any individual who Orders from the Company to acquire the Product as per their requirements and is governed by the defined Terms and Conditions described under this Agreement.

‘Order’ is an electronic request of a paid service from the Customer for a particular Product and service.

‘Order Status’ defines Order progress at a particular stage.

‘Product’ is a document in an electronic format that is the final result of Order completion.

‘Product Revision’ is an edited version of the original Product initialized by the Customer.

‘Support Team or Support’ is part of the Company’s organizational structure with the undertaking to offer assistance and coordinate the Order process.

‘Quality Assurance Department’ signifies the part of the Company’s organizational structure with the task to guard and appraise the quality of Products and Services offered.

‘Messaging System’ is an interactive feature that ensures smooth communication between the Customer and Support/Writer.

‘Verification Process’ is a procedure that requires Customers to confirm their billing identity to prevent fraud.

1. Nature of Product and Terms of Usage

The Company offers a writing service completed by outsourced and well-vetted freelance writers. The Company delivers the Product on an “as is” basis, and the Customer uses the products at their own risk.

 Everything provided by the Company is intended for research/reference purposes only. The Company is also not responsible for the Customer’s grades or any other failure of the Customer to use this Product appropriately or any improper usage of the research contained therein.

2. Order Process

2.1. Placing an Order.

When filling in an Order form, the Customer should provide a valid email address and a correct phone number where the Customer can be reached.

There may be multiple occasions during Order preparation when establishing contact with the Customer is crucial. The Company shall not be responsible for Order delay or other quality issues on the Order if they cannot be resolved due to the incorrect contact details provided by the Client.

2.2. Instructions.

 Because the Company works based on the Customer’s instructions, these instructions must be clear and precise. If the instructions are unclear and additional instructions are needed to complete the Order, the Customer should provide the necessary instructions immediately.

The Customer is advised that once the Order is completed, any revision request must only be based on the initial requirements and description of the original Order. Any changes from the initial instructions of the Order will be considered “editing.” This is an additional service, and the Company will not conduct any free revision request that differs or deviates from the original Order requirements and description.

Instructions and additional requests must be sent before a Writer is assigned to the Customer’s Order. Failure to meet this requirement will violate this Agreement and forfeit any claim to the implied warranty or guarantee.

2.3. Sources.

The Writer is allowed to use any relevant source available to complete the requested assignment – books, journals, newspapers, interviews, online publications, etc. unless the Customer mentions some particular sources to be used or others to be ignored.

The Customer is responsible for choosing the correct academic level that best fits the required assignment when making the Order. Suppose the Customer has made an error while placing an Order. In that case, the Customer must contact the Support Team immediately for assistance since the Writer must complete the Order per the Academic Level received when the Writer is assigned.

2.4. Checking the Messaging System.

The Messaging System is an easy and convenient way to communicate. The Customer should check messages for updates from the Support Team or the Writer. The Customer should promptly address any questions or concerns or give additional instructions using this interactive feature.

2.5. Incorrect Order Placement.

The Company reserves the right not to process or to resubmit the Customer’s Order if the details indicated are inconsistent with or do not match the Order’s original description.

Failure to provide the correct description or choosing the wrong Product, deadline extension requests, or Writer-level upgrades may require additional payments. See 3.1.

2.6. Tracking Order Progress.

The Customer is highly encouraged to stay in touch with the Support Team/Writer and to monitor Order Progress through the provided communication channels. Possible statuses of the Order are:

  • Awaiting payment – albeit the Order is registered within the Company’s system, the Customer has yet to pay, so the Company can start working on it.
  • Research has started – The Order is successfully paid, and our Researchers are preparing the materials for the Writer.
  • Work in progress – The Writer is working on your Order
  • Completed – The Product has been uploaded and sent for the Customer’s review.
  • Returned for revision – The Writer is revising the Product according to the Customer’s instructions.
  • Hold – The Support Team put the Order on hold, and the Writer has temporarily stopped working on it. The Customer is advised to visit the Messaging board on the personal profile for detailed information or to contact the Support Team.
  • Canceled – The Order is canceled.

2.7. The Client can request a draft from the Writer; however, the Company does not guarantee a draft if the Order’s urgency is 3-48 hours.

2.8. Preferred Writer.

When placing an Order, the Customer can indicate a preferred Writer to be assigned to an Order. The Company reserves the right to decline the preferred Writer’s requests based on the Writer’s history, recent quality, and lateness issues that might jeopardize Order completion.

The Company will inform the Customer about its decision and provide supporting materials. If the Customer insists on the chosen Writer, the Company will not be responsible for the failure of the preferred Writer to deliver a high-quality Product promptly.

3. Delivery/Downloading Policy

3.1. The deadline dates the Customer selects when placing the Order (whether specified on the Website, in an Order confirmation, or elsewhere) are estimates and do not represent a commitment that the Product will be delivered by a specific date.

If the Customer was made aware of the delay and did not object, the corporation reserves the right to do so. The Customer is not given a refund or any other form of compensation in this situation. If the Client has any objections, these must be made known in writing to Support by email or the message board.

3.2. No compensation is given to the Customer if the Customer receives the Product and requests a revision after the stipulated deadline. The estimated delivery dates only apply to the initial delivery of the Product. The free revision is carried out without payment if the projected deadlines change.

3.3. The Company will not be liable if the Product is delivered on time and the Customer cannot download it. No refund is promised to compensate the Writer for the completed job, and the Customer will still be charged for the service provided.

4. Termination

4.1. If the Customer fails to cooperate or communicate in a way that prevents the execution of the Order, or if the Company has reason to believe that the Customer is engaging in fraudulent behavior, the Company reserves the right to cancel any paid Order at its discretion.

The Company does not ensure payment in the situations above. Depending on the unique circumstances of each situation, the Company shall have exclusive discretion to take whatever necessary action it deems appropriate.

5. Plagiarism Policy.

5.1. Free Plagiarism Report service can be added to the Order by the Client at no extra charge. If there is a Product Revision, the Company is not required to produce a copy of the plagiarism report. The organization makes every effort to control the quality of the work. Still, the Order may contain a small amount of plagiarism (between 0 and 10%, depending on the quantity of the work).

6. Satisfaction Guarantee

6.1. The ordered Product is intended to be completed by the Client’s initial requests. The Company promises that all editing, proofreading, and formatting services will be plagiarism-free. Non-Company written or produced papers and other materials won’t be checked for potential instances of plagiarism.

7. Promotional Materials

7.1. Regarding new services, discounts, special offers, and any other information the Company may find helpful for the Customers, the Company retains the right to email the Customers.

8. Waiver of Breach

8.1. The Company shall not be deemed to have waived any prior or subsequent breaches by the Customer of any provision of this Agreement. All remedies in this Agreement are to be considered cumulative, that is, additional to any other remedies provided for in this Agreement or by law.

9. Amendments

9.1. any provisions of this Agreement may be modified, amended, revised, or changed in any other way by the Company. By continuing to receive services from the Company, the Customer now expressly agrees to be bound by any subsequent modifications, amendments, revisions, or changes as envisioned herein.

The Customer is responsible for periodically reviewing this Agreement for changes because they are reflected in this website section.

10. Entire Agreement

10.1. No claims, promises, or inducements made by either party or an agent of either party that are inconsistent with this Agreement shall be legal or binding unless specifically permitted by this Agreement. This Agreement sets forth the entire understanding between the Customer and the Company.

11. Severability

11.1. The Customer understands and agrees that the validity of this Agreement’s remaining portions or provisions will not be affected if any part, term, or provision is found by the courts to be illegal or in violation of any law of the state where it was made. Instead, the Customer’s rights and obligations will be interpreted and enforced as if the Agreement did not contain the specific part, term, or provision that was found to be invalid.

12. Law Governing

12.1. It is understood and acknowledged that this Agreement will be interpreted and performed by the country’s laws in which the Company maintains its major place of business or in any other country the Company deems appropriate.

13. Place of Suit

13.1. Any lawsuit or other legal action to enforce this Agreement or its terms must be filed in a court with appropriate jurisdiction in the city where the Company has its main office or any other location the Company deems appropriate.

14. Other Jurisdictions

14.1. We don’t guarantee that the Services or the web platform are appropriate or accessible everywhere. Anyone who accesses or utilizes the Services or the web platform from a jurisdiction that forbids such user does so voluntarily and is in charge of adhering to local laws.

15. Purpose and Scope

15.1. Children under 16 are not intentionally sought out or allowed to provide information on our site. We respect and take seriously that you are aware of and concerned about your privacy concerns.

This privacy statement outlines your privacy rights and explains the rules and procedures for gathering and using your data.

16. Consent Withdrawal

16.1. If you have consented to process your data, you can revoke your permission by emailing one of the addresses on the Contact Us page. If you do so and do not already have another legal basis for processing your data, we will no longer process your personal information.

17. Security

17.1. Internal policies govern information security. The integrity of connections to the Website is ensured by 256-bit SSL encryption and the SHA2 ECDSA method. We use servers that adhere to stringent international data security guidelines, such as ISO 27001.