Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy at is established according to the industry’s average. This helps us employ qualified writers who fit the high education standards demanded of the US and European writers.

Through our affordable writing, research, and tutoring services, we help students with a wider scope of assignments. From music/book reviews, and personal letters through ordinary research papers and essays to Master’s Degree dissertations and theses, we’re reliable tutors and writers.

Many clients reach out to us with already written papers so we can put them together through editing and proofreading for them to feel more assured. Others provide us with detailed outlines to ensure the papers we’ll write are in harmony with their ideas and how they perceive a given topic at hand.

Therefore, the quote we provide for each assignment is unique and depended on the student’s level of academic, the pages required, and the assignment’s urgency. When all requirements are well articulated, our writer’s work becomes easier and more well-organized.

The company doesn’t work on any order that has not entirely been paid for. In an event whereby the customer is notified of the need for additional payment, the customer shall process it immediately. Any delays will result in delayed order completion and no compensation can be made for such delays.

Though the prices of all our services are well specified on the website, the company still reserves the right to make adjustments due to factors such as:

  • Costs increase,
  • Tax impositions,
  • Duty, levy, or exchange rate variations.

On discounts, our customers ought to be keen when placing orders since any provided discount code is only applicable during the ordering process and cannot work after the order payment is completed. The company cannot be obliged to compensate replace a code that was not utilized.

As well, special discounts and offers cannot be applied together with discount codes offered during the ordering process. It cannot also be applied with any additional requested services once an order is already made.

To note, our prices are exclusive of carrying out any required primary data. Hence, our writers cannot collect primary data for you by applying data collection methods such as interviews, observations, questionnaires, and focus group interviews among others. This is because of time and resources required and also geographical reasons.

However, in case the aforementioned methods are necessary for your works, then our writers can gladly assist with creating questionnaires, analyzing your data, and discussing and recommending the results.

We’re flexible, and we approach each assignment with precision and always communicate for clarity whenever it’s required. Our collaboration makes all our undertakings with you mutually beneficial.



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